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Here are my characterīs profiles. Iīll put up pictures when I get the chance.

Jozhua Darkmoon

Age: 221 years old
Race: Human
Occupation: Thief
Weapon: Sword
Story: Click here

This is on of my first characters, which I made when I was 12 or 13.
Jozhua is immortal due to a curse (he was cursed by a fairy), and spends his time robbing travelers who pass the desert. He has a split personality and is often arguing with himself or changing mood quickly, which is no surprise since he is actually two persons in one body. His favorite things are most probably his sword and his dragon lighter (No, he doesnīt smoke). He is short tempered, cruel and anti-social.


Age: around 23
Race: light monster
Occupation: None
Weapon: None

Ibb-Ibb has evolved alot since I first made him, and originally he was just a sketch I did when I was bored at school. He, like most ibb-ibbs has big yellow eyes and is very fast, some say faster than light. He has the ability to hide wherever he wants (under rocks, small cracks in walls, peoples ears etc). He loves to tease people but if there's too much trouble he'll run away and hide as fast as he can.

Lady Luna Star

Age: Unknown, said to be as old as the universe itself
Race: Goddess
Occupation: Goddess of the moon, the stars and the sun

My first idea of Lady Luna was a beautyful magician who worked secretly keeping the earth from harm. The name however came from my friendīs bunny, who she named Luna, and we sometimes called her lady Luna, just for fun.
Lady Luna is one of the most powerful gods in Chuchia. She doesnīt live on earth, but on an unknown planet far far away, and no one has ever seen her true appearance except for her servants. She does appear sometimes on earth, and then most often in human or elven form. Like said before, she tends to help earthlings secretly and sometimes she appears in cities and towns as a common villager.


Age: Unknown
Occupation: Lady Lunas lifeguard
Weapon: Magical staff

Spitz is propably the most patient creature in the whole world. He can keep his cool under the most frightening, as well as annoying, positions. He is one of about 30 of Lady Lunaīs servants, and has the highest rank, being her lifeguard. Heīs dedicated his life to his lady and would gladly give his life for her safety. Other known of Lady Lunaīs servants are Shaque and Set.


Age: Unknown (older than he looks)
Race: Spirit
Occupation: Itīs a secret ^_^
Hobby: Selling and collecting

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I intruduce the greatest, all so popular salesman, VAH!
Vah is my little, hyper, weird, spirit salesman. He has a special talent selling items, and can make anything old or useless seem very new and important. He owns a magic bag, one of 3 in the world, which has endless room in it, and I wonīt even start counting what he keeps in there. If he doesnīt have it, no one does. He has an invisible friend named B, but wheither sheīs real or just his imagination, is a mystery. He likes everything colorful and shiny and always looks at the bright site of things. He always wears his necklace and rumor sais it holds a dark side to it. Itīs only a rumor though.


Age: 10
Race: Wizard
Occupation: Guide and translator

I was tired of all my super, duper, immortal strong invinsible characters, so I desided to make Zack. Heīs an orphan, working as a guide and translator, and, unlike so many of my characters, heīs quite weak. Heīs not very different from a normal 10 year old kid, take away the personality, but he never fights back if heīs attacked in any way, because heīs afraid of making trouble.