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Jozhua Darkmoon

Once, long ago, twins were born in a village called Onada Crase. The one called Joshua had white hair and blue eyes and had a pure and kind heart, while the other however, dark haired and red eyed was thought to be pure evil. He was named Moon. They grew up to be very different persons. Joshua loved to learn. When he was only 3 years old he learned to write and at the age of 7 he had read all the books in the city. Every one liked him, except for his brother, Moon. Moon wasn't interested in studies, but concentrated on fighting, and picked fight with everyone he thought worthy fighting. He was very unpopular and many of the villagers feared him. Their parents had really hard time controlling them since they didn't get along at. The moment they were brought together Moon would tease Joshua, if not clearly attack him, and Joshua would answer back and so they would go on fighting until someone managed to tear them apart. At the twins 20th birthday the villagers had prepared a great birthday party for Joshua. Moon hadn't been informed of the party, since no one really wanted him there, but a big birthday party doesn't really go unnoticed. Moon wasn't all to happy not being invited and he came and turned everything upside down. And then another fight started between the brothers. Such was the fury between them that no one could stop them. A fairy who'd been flying there close by came to see what was happening. After listening the villagers' explanation she turned to the brothers who were still arguing. She asked them to stop arguing, but when they didn't listen she asked them again. When they ignored her again, she took up her wand and performed a magic spell. In a flash the arguing voices stopped. The shocked villagers could no longer see the two brothers, but instead they saw another man. Half of his hair was white while the other was black. The man looked at the fairy and asked, with not one voice but two, what she had done. The fairy answered she had united the brothers into one body, and they would stay like this for eternity as a punishment. Then the fairy flew away. The brothers couldn't stand to be in this body, with only half control on their actions, and a few days later they disappeared. No one knows what happened to them, but stories say of a thief living somewhere in the desert, who steals travelers and every so often gives back what he took.

This story is now told to children who fight a lot, because you never know when there's no turning back.