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History of the Great War

The Great War took place way before today's year count, a time when all the creatures lived together in peace. There was a human, Andri, who was well known for his bravery. He had heard about a place called Underworld, a place of evil creatures under the rule of the prince of darkness. Although the creatures of Underworld hadn't caused any trouble, Andri wanted to show them the power of men so they would never dare to come out of their world. He traveled with his army for many months until he found the dark plains. He met a elf there, who introduced himself as Kohoko and warned him of going any further or else he could disturb the life of those in the underworld. But Andri ignored the warning and kept on going. 2 days later he met the same elf again, and again the elf asked him to go back, or else he'd get into a lot of trouble. But Andri just laughed at the the elf's warning. He didn't realize that this elf was the one and only prince of the underworld, who was none to happy about Andri's actions. And as soon as Andri was about to go again, Kohoko called up his evil army and destroyed half of Andri's men, so he had no choice but to go back. It is then said Andri came back with a bigger army, and then the underworld got mad and released it's most powerful forces out to destroy the humans.

Around the same time the lord of the spirits had been captured by the humans, although it is unknown how that happened. He had been kept there for such a long time that he got turned evil, and broke free. He heard about the invasion of the underworld and joined them along with his follower spirits, and would that be the only time when spirits have ever participated in a war. The spirit lord, Vahoro was his name, was very wise and powerful, and soon became one of the most powerful leader of the evil force . The humans fought hard, and with the help of other good creatures they got the upper hand and after 4 years they were about to win. But then  Annaria Marge was built, a city  full of evil power, where the evil forces gathered, and after another 7 years the humans lost. Vahoro though had no interest in the destruction of the humans and convinced Kohoko on letting them live as slaves.
It was only after 2000 years that the few creatures who hadn't been enslaved found a way to defeat the city of Annaria Marge. With the help of the gods, they had created a necklace to seal away evil souls, and so they attacked Annaria Marge with the hope of weakening the enemy's forces. In the battle they managed to throw the necklace around Vahoro's neck. Vahoro's evil was sealed inside the necklace and so was Kohoko's army of spirits. With the spirits gone, Kohoko's army couldn't hold all the slaves anymore, and therefore most of them escaped. It only took 10 days until the forces of underworld retreated to their home. Humans are now forbidden to enter the dark plains of fear of angering the creatures of underworld once more.