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The Confusion

The Confusion consisted of not only one big war, but many. It caused much confusion and some did not even understand the reason for some of the battles. It all started with the humans, which hunger for power more than any other creature. It was Einar, a powerful human leader, who sought to learn magic from the wizards. The wizards welcomed him and for 5 years he studied among them and learned many powerful spells. But as the years passed, the wizards started seeing the greed in Einar, and after the 5 years they refused to teach him any more. But Einar couldn't understand why the wizards turned against him, and soon decided that if they didn't teach him free willingly, he would force them to. And so his hunt for wizards begin. The wizards were more powerful than the humans, but they were a lot fewer, and most of them didn't want to fight. Those who resisted were killed, and they even killed a wizards from The Underworld. The prince of darkness, Kohoko, couldn't just stand and watch his servants being killed, and because he didn't know who was doing the killing, he declared war against all creatures on the surface. This of course caused much panic among the creatures, and didn't ease the threat against the wizards.

Other greedy creatures, mostly humans got people believing they deserved more respect, and therefore many revolutions awoke in the cities. It was also at that time that a great demon appeared, destroying everything in it's way. All the commotion interested the dragons, and they enjoyed intruding battles by flying over and causing panic among the fighters.
The war lasted for 5 years, but then the gods joined together and in a few months the war ended. Bibb-Bibb, a famous Ibb-Ibb, gathered all the ibb-ibbs around the world and together they destroyed the evil demon, although Bibb-Bibb lost his life in that battle. The revolutions quieted in a few weeks and soon everything was good again. The gods, seeing all the trouble humans had caused, and when they showed no sign of regret, they decided to give the humans their world, where they would live without breaking the peace for others. To the gate to this world were put 3 guards to make sure no one unworthy could pass.

That was the story of the Confusion. The war consisted of these: Humans against wizards, Underworld against everybody, Dragons against everybody, evil demon against everybody, ibb-ibbs against evil demon, revolution in hundreds of cities, and then others joining sites or just trying to stay out of the war.